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    In history, mankind always wanted to manufacture parts that he imagined. In the long way of reaching this goal, huge number of technologies was developed to solve various manufacturing problems. In today's world, in parallel to requirements of more complicated products, the need for more advanced manufacturing technologies are rapidly increasing.

    This report briefly unveils autofabrication technologies which is one of the latest advancements in today's manufacturing technology since 1990. Today, although these technologies mostly used for rapid prototyping (RP) and rapid tooling (RT) applications in rapid new product development process chain, the name, RP was not enough to cover wide scope of this technology. So, the title of the report is given considering many more current and futuristic applications of the technology including 'direct manufacturing of complex, multi-material, multi-coloured functional parts and assemblies'

    This report was originally written in Turkish and updated since 1997;

    With the encouragement and aid of Ed Grenda / Castle Island Co. the English version has been developed. The report currently contains 65 different fabrication technologies developed by 57 companies/ organizations from 11 countries. With more than 500 explanatory images, the report categorizes all autofabrication technologies under 4 main and 8 sub classes. In addition to this various applications of these new technologies are given. The report contains a special page for autofabrication technology applications in Turkey.

    At the end of the report basic technologies and processes related with the topic of this report has been explained.

    The report has a unique point of view in introducing the autofab technology: The report starts explanation from a very common base that is known by everyone; fabrication of a human body (including your eyes that see these words) based on data stored in DNA molecule... So, by reading this report, even a person who has no engineering or manufacturing background can easily be introduced in the field.

    Note that this report covers only commercialized technologies. Much more information related with alternative autofab technologies; university research, R&D projects, papers, patents etc. can be found from the resources and references given at the end of this report.

    I hope the report will be effective in explaining the autofabrication technology. Please share your comments and suggestions with me.

    Erkut Neğiş

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